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Have feeling of Hanoi on every step

When coming to Hanoi, many tourists have connected Far East Tour - a professional and exciting local travel agency. They always bring you the real feeling about Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.
Ms. Cristina Anne (from Philippines): “If there weren’t Far East Tour, I wouldn’t explore the capital Hanoi by myself. We had more knowledge about your center city through this tour, not only about history, culture, landscapes of Hanoi, but also about which you can only hear from the people living in Hanoi”. Far East Tour really makes a great impression on a lot of tourists all over the world when visiting here.

A “slowly” Hanoi

If taking part in a walking tour around the Old Quarter of Hanoi by Far East Tour, the tourists will get exciting experiences about the value and attraction of Hanoi just in 3 hours. In the morning, you will be taken to the house at 48 Hang Ngang where the president Ho Chi Minh wrote Declaration of Independence in 1945. Then the next visiting place is Hang Buom, there is Bach Ma temple here, one of the most outstanding architectures of Hanoi.
Let's make friend with the French architecture house in Hanoi Old Quarter.
After that we continue turning to O Quan Chuong, the last remaining gate of ancient Thang Long citadel, to visit the Ceramic Road along the Hong River. The tourists can also stand on Long Bien Bridge to watch romantic scene in the early morning and listen to the unstopped stories about this historic bridge. Nguyen Van Nghia (the 4th year of Hanoi University of Technology), a member of Far East Tour company, shared with us that it was worthwhile to join this journey.
In Far East Tour, there are about 100 teenagers who are always ready to guide foreign visitors when paying a visit to Hanoi. You only need make a phone or send an email to the organization, you will certainly have a young friend going together with you to any destinations of the city. The journey requires the tourists a good pair of shoes and good health to be ready to go walking on every road, every corner of the capital.
In addition to the tour of the Old Quarter, there are many other tours for you to choose such as “museum tour”, “Hanoi tour in the morning”, “Hanoi food tour”. The especial point in tours of Far East Tour is that tourists will experience the breath of Ha Noi, the pace of Hanoi directly through slow steps instead of being crammed in professional running tours but very industrial. However in the tourism season, there are about 20 require for tour per day for Far East Tour, sometimes up to 150 tours per month. This express that the new and exciting tours are becoming very potential.

The unforgettable journey

It seems simple but in the traveling tour member of Far East tour sometimes get into irony situation, this requires the guide to have knowledge and skill to solve problems as well. Nguyen Thi Trang (student at the University of Commerce), the manager of organization, told that once walking too much, the shoes of her tourist were sold.
Feel about Hanoi via the slowly step. 
Tourists will have opportunity to feel the breath and the pace of Hanoi through slow steps.
When we found the place selling glue, the seller pushed the price up to 10 dollars. Though the tourist don’t complain about this price because it is not too much to him, I had a talk with the seller. After a while, they got only 10.000 VND. At time being walking friends with the foreign tourists, unprofessional tour guide of Far East Tour really had memorable memories.
The memory to Nghia is a 25 km long walking trip around Hanoi with an American tourist. To Nguyen Thi Trang, it is sentiments from Australian old visitors, the people she does not know, but after this journey she received a warm invitation to visit the land of kangaroos on a day not far...
When entering the website Trip Advisors, there will be hundreds of good comments about Far East Tour from foreign tourists. Thanks to the enthusiastic, energetic tour guides, even they are amateur guides, the friends around the world have had beautiful impression about the 1000 year old city.
The handicraft souvenir shops on the side walk of Hanoi Old Quarter.
Ms. Christina Anne, a tourist from Philippines said that: “if I did not connect to Far East Tour, I would not get to explore the capital Hanoi on my own. We had booked seats online in advance but there had been problems, and language disagreement as well. However they gave us a lot help. And we have understood much more about your center city through this tour, not only about history, culture, landscapes of Hanoi, but also about which you can only hear from the people living in Hanoi”.
Let's do your Hanoi culture tour https://www.fareastour.asia/vietnam-destinations/hanoi-capital-of-vietnam/hanoi-cultural-day-trip/ via Far East Tour, free tour guide or by yourself. You totally can customize everything as you want to know about Hanoi.

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